With new projects starting on PHP 8 and the increasing use on data types and upgrades that PHP 8 brings, the use of static analysis has become increasingly popular. PHPStan has recently released version 1 which includes stricter checks and a pro version that offers more versatility. For new projects, the use of static analysis is a great tool to keep fresh code clean and confirmative, but how can static analysis be used on legacy projects and how can PHPstan increase our confidence when building upon our code bases?


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jake scanlon at 20:04 on 9 Feb 2022

I have no idea about coding but still the talk was really engaging.


David Lumm at 20:06 on 9 Feb 2022

Great info, some interesting insights and good things to think about. There were some terms used without definition, eg CI or PR.

I think a little more explanation or examples of why using static analysis might be valuable would be useful.

There were times when Peter needed to read from his notes, but I suspect that's just because it was the first delivery of this talk. It was good when he was looking up and engaging with us more.

Mark Townsend at 23:17 on 9 Feb 2022

Super talk, everything you need to start using PHPStan, and a tool that would definitely improve our development process. Thank you, Peter, anyone that does a YouTube on xdebug has earned my respect 👍