You’ve built your application, and now you just need to deploy it. There are various ways that this could be done – from (S)FTP, to SCP and rsync, to running commands like “git pull” and “composer install” directly on the server (not recommended).

My favourite deployment tool of late is Fabric ( – a Python based command line tool for running commands locally as well as on remote servers. It’s language and framework agnostic, and unopinionated so you define the steps and workflow that you need – from a basic few-step deployment to a full Capistrano style zero-downtime deployment.

This talk will cover some introduction to Fabric and how to write your own fabfiles, and then look at some examples of different use case deployments for your PHP project.


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Nicole Neo at 20:50 on 13 Sep 2017

Easy to understand. I'm familiar with the similar technologies such as Python, Symfony, Capistrano so the code is all clear and pretty similar to what I use myself for work. The colours used for syntax highlighting could be more legible against the black background.

Paul Alden at 21:50 on 13 Sep 2017

Talk was good.
Could have had more examples of practical use and why as a php developer they would pick this vs the php equivliant or any other?
Talker was a bit too quiet at times in the back to hear properly.