We have a ton of options for provisioning machines once we have an SSH connection available, but how do we get those machines in the first place?

Meet Terraform from Hashicorp, your infrastructure automation engine. Providing a declarative interface for your infrastructure, you can define what you need and let Terraform take care of the rest.

In this talk, we'll take a look at what Terraform can do for you, walking through your first Terraform configuration all the way to writing your own modules to encapsulate your infrastructure across multiple deployments.


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Nicole Neo at 20:03 on 13 Sep 2017

Liked the beginning setting the scene about ops in your previous job. Could follow a bit in the Terraform part but it's not clear what the differences in the examples other than them being different providers.

Craig Potter at 20:06 on 13 Sep 2017

Really good talk. Liked the simple and easy to follow examples.
Would of loved to see an example of 'terraform init' and an example showing how easy it is using another provider other than AWS either separately or in the same main.tf

Pretty cool. I didn't know anything thing about Terraform before, so it good to get an overview.
Maybe you could show an example of mixing different providers in your infrastructure, like you said was possible.

Great talk confidently presented. Gave me a good flavour of what terraform is about having never even heard of it before. Was slightly confused about the mix and match providers bit at the end as at the beginning you stated it needed setting up separately per provider - maybe an example would have made that clearer?

Michael Bush at 20:30 on 13 Sep 2017

Alot of information provided, but possibly to much in 45 minutes, there was so much information it is hard to remember specifics. Maybe adding in terraform init steps after install would be a good idea instead of trying to move onto the more complex examples at the end. Other than that, Michael presented his talk very well.

Adam Butler at 20:36 on 13 Sep 2017

Great content. Would be good to also cover what language / DSL the TF files are and to compare to Ansible Cloud modules.

Paul Marks at 20:40 on 13 Sep 2017

Great introduction to Terraform, learnt alot. Thank you for talking at phpsw!

Really good coverage - I have been using Terraform for 3 days so far and this talk covered all the basics I knew, and touched on all the questions I had about what to do next.

My only suggestion would be to add more tips to the last section - workspaces, cloud init.

Paul Alden at 21:47 on 13 Sep 2017

Talk was great, not too long or too short with simple enough examples.