A beginners guide to some of the core Laravel concepts and a dive into a code example from a Laravel beginner.


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I've been using laravel at work for a couple of years. Still learned a lot! Well presented, good clear introduction for everyone.

Demos that work!? What's the world coming to... Great fast-swoop over Laravel, and good use of humour to keep audience engaged. Really enjoyed that and found it informative.

Michael Bush at 20:35 on 14 Feb 2018

Very good introduction talk to the Laravel for beginners, well structured with plenty of information.

Rob Wilson at 20:36 on 14 Feb 2018

Excellent talk, and for someone who has only been using Laravel for a small amount of time, has grasped the basics very well.
Feedback for Tom; probably a little more explanation on some of the coding, as skipped over a few bits, but this may have been down to time.

Martin Joiner at 21:11 on 14 Feb 2018

A great fly-by view of Laravel's best bits but possibly tried to cram a little too much in to do each feature justice. Maybe could have left out Blade templating and form-model binding and just raved about Eloquent relationships. Or the opposite, left out the model and migrations and demonstrated how seamless hooking up CRUD methods is. I've been using Laravel for a couple of years but this talk still introduced me to a few funky little tips that I will be playing with tomorrow. Well done, Jeff Way would be proud.

A succinct overview of Laravel features, well presented and engaging. Even after a year in laravel and many more in MVC I discovered some new things. Nicely done Tom

Piotr Rykala at 10:04 on 15 Feb 2018

Great talk funny and with live demo, not too detailed but we do not really want to much details in that kind of showcase.