How does the zendframework/zend-form package work? Exposure of the pragmatic approach behind its current architecture, the form flow and the simplicity of use. Also will present the idea of how to easily handle the forms in the middleware applications, with code examples.


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Michael Bush at 19:37 on 14 Feb 2018

Talk features a lot of useful information and examples on the slides but the delivery needed more preparation time. There were times where the speaker seemed to forget the purpose of a slide and paused to remember. Maybe providing less information and concentrating more on the pros of the technology and why we should use it.

Rob Wilson at 19:46 on 14 Feb 2018

Jan knows his stuff over Zend forms. I've used Zend in the past, and found his talk very useful, and it's given me some thought of returning back to tinkering again with Zend.
Some feedback for Jan; a little bit more practice in giving the talk, so you know which slides are coming up, so it doesn't catch you out, but this is just down to practice where even seasoned talkers fall foul. Again, great talk.

Martin Joiner at 19:55 on 14 Feb 2018

The speaker is clearly a fan of Zend Framework and this Zend Form package. However the talk was a bit isolating for me as I am unfamiliar with Zend. Some terminology was Zend-Framework specific. I had to Google 'Hydrator' for example. Would be good to have the advantages and comparisons to other frameworks highlighted in order to convince me it's worth trying. Thanks for the talk.

Matt Thurling at 19:59 on 14 Feb 2018

Good, but I think you could have zoomed out a little and given more about why you like it and what the advantages are, perhaps in the context of an example.

A good introduction to a topic I know very little about. Only improvement I'd suggest would be some demonstrations of what the code is doing (screenshots) just to clearly show what's going on.

As a complete newcomer to Zend I was interested to see how using this part of the framework would make my life easier than doing everything manually. I'm not sure I got that, but it gave me several useful keywords for the features I'd need to look at. The speaker clearly had a wealth of knowledge and experience on the topic, and I wonder if a basic demo of setting up a form would have given a better contextualised intro.

Phil Mobbs at 20:35 on 14 Feb 2018

An interesting talk, but could have done with more code examples of building a form and possibly a slightly better slide design.

Piotr Rykala at 09:59 on 15 Feb 2018

Very detailed and interesting talk. I think it could be beneficial for Jan to add more life examples and most important few jokes as that amount of content require some jam in order to be swallowed in one go.