Avoiding the pain of Localisation


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Mike Oram at 20:01 on 13 Nov 2019

Great talk, well paced and clear speech. Good tips on how to support more characters. Some good considerations that I hadn't thought of before. Code samples need to be a bit bigger, I could only just read them sat at the front. Suggest also looking at color coding your code samples. Great timezone considerations and tips

Sam R. at 23:38 on 13 Nov 2019

Reasonably interesting talk on localisation, something a lot of us developers probably like to ignore because it's seen as hassle. Certainly things presented (such as clearly different names for input fields) that I didn't know were an issue.

Roussetos at 08:31 on 14 Nov 2019

Nice quick talk with clear suggestions on practices that developers might miss and their importance.
Regardless if you were already aware of them or not.

Great slides, nice pace and informative.

Great presentation. Lots of good tips. TIL that not all name fields are the same.
Good clear slides.

I hope this is the first of many talks!