Building a slow PHP app


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Paul Marks at 20:03 on 11 Oct 2017

Very entertaining, some great tips on writing slow php apps.

Dave Bould at 20:04 on 11 Oct 2017

Funny talk. Would listen again.

Drew McLellan at 20:04 on 11 Oct 2017

Good tips!

Craig Potter at 20:05 on 11 Oct 2017

Great talk. Funny but had a point to it. Even if you reverse the what to do to get slow!

Mike Oram at 20:46 on 11 Oct 2017

Great concept to flip it on its head. Well delivered and great to include a hashtag

Accessible, funny and useful

Not enough sarcasm. Moar graphs.

Peter Fisher at 21:02 on 11 Oct 2017

very funny talk some good points about performance

Great talk - now I can stop messing with the profiler and all that refactoring to take select out of loops.

Adam Evans at 08:39 on 12 Oct 2017

Hahaha hilarious!! Really entertaining and great points to!!