Code it like it's 1995


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Super enjoyable trip to the past!

Drew McLellan at 21:13 on 11 Oct 2017

Such fun! Thanks

Craig Potter at 21:14 on 11 Oct 2017

Amazing! Time warp!

Dave Bould at 21:15 on 11 Oct 2017

Great nostalgia but I feel like I missed turning the cursor into a magic wand :D

I can't believe websites like that inspired me to be a programmer...

Paul Marks at 22:09 on 11 Oct 2017

Any talk that helps raise awareness of the marquee tag must be good.

Nice talk to finish the evening on an up beat. Must remember to put an animated gif on the homepage and see what happens to the the wraith tests.

Peter Fisher at 23:52 on 11 Oct 2017

oh this was a trip down memory lane. my first website was built using AOL press and then we upgraded to frontpage. Super fun talk.

Adam Evans at 11:46 on 12 Oct 2017

Haha blast from the past!! Great talk! Really enjoyed this trip down memory lane!