Docker images can get very large in disk space and this can quickly become an issue during deployment of a web application.

In this talk I will demonstrate 6 ways to reduce the size of your Docker image. Each example has been tagged as a working example that can be found on the Docker hub and GitHub.



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Dave Bould at 20:15 on 11 Oct 2017

Lots of really useful information in a short amount of time, well done!

Drew McLellan at 20:16 on 11 Oct 2017

Very clear and useful information. Well presented! Thanks

Craig Potter at 20:20 on 11 Oct 2017

Great talk dude! Great to compare it to AB split testing. Change one thing at a time and check the result. Be interesting to have a few real examples of projects you have done this on and the savings achieved... Also how do I get a cool presenter pen?!?!

Paul Marks at 20:37 on 11 Oct 2017

Some good tips, well presented. Thanks

Good tips! The text was a little small unfortunately and I wouldn't have been able to follow if I didn't know Dockerfiles well

Adrian Slade at 21:05 on 11 Oct 2017

Clear content, good slides and delivery.

Great to learn how some simple changes in the Dockerfile can make such a difference in size/transfer speed and attack surface.

Adam Evans at 10:32 on 12 Oct 2017

Great talk, good to know how these little changes can affect the size!! Very informative!