Learning more than one programming language is key to becoming a better developer. It is like adding a new tool to your toolbox. The more tools you have, the easier and quicker you'll be able to tackle whatever job you need to do. You'll also be able to use the right tool for the job, and who doesn't like that?!

I picked up Go (golang) about a year ago as it was becoming more popular among developers. Coming from a PHP background, I had no idea what channels or goroutines were or how is concurrency different from parallelism. I’ve got to say, it was a whole new world. Very different, but very cool. I was hooked!

The goal of this talk is to give you a good idea of what Go is and how it compares with PHP. We'll look at the language itself as well as the tooling and communities around it. Even if you're not sold on Go by the end of it, I hope you'll leave inspired to go out there and learn whatever language you wanted to look into next.


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Dan Ackroyd at 20:10 on 14 Feb 2017

A nice little introduction to Go.

Need to practice speaking very slightly more slowly. Wasn't ridiculously fast, but was quite a pace.

Maybe need to break talk up into sections slightly more, with a clearer break between the sections, as the parts seemed to roll into each other.

Code on slides needs to be waaaay clearer. I could read it, but only because I was directly in front and quite close to the screen.

More time could have been spent on introducing channels as it's probably the most important bit of the talk. A clear "why" channels exist to begin with, then a really trivial example e.g. using the same function twice, rather than inline definition of a function, and then finally a useful example of why you would actually want to use channels.