In January we present 'New Year, New Topics', a collection of talks on topics we haven't featured much (if at all) at PHPSW.

Wednesday 10th January 2018

Command and (e)mission Control
Talk by Barney Hanlon (1 hour)

Using event dispatchers and command buses in applications is becoming common place, but are we using them in a way that aids understanding? With the rise in popularity of Domain-Driven Design to drive meaning in applications, and our applications becoming increasingly small and "hexagonal", the concept of defining the difference between an Event and a Command is becoming more important. This talk explores using command buses and event dispatchers in combination to clearly segregate the structure, and uses an example of how to use these to create clean CQRS-based applications.

HTTP Caching: Improving Performance & Saving the Ice Caps
Talk by Phil Sturgeon (50 minutes)

HTTP Caching is something many people have heard of, and usually know a bit about but skip implementing in any real way. Browsers are expected to everything correctly by default, and backend systems don’t bother because Redis Caching is apparently fine... Well it’s not. Balancing real-time information and avoiding making unnecessary requests isn’t a pipe dream, and there are plenty of tools out there to help you get it done right now.