A brief investigation into and attempt to answer this age old question and how it is influenced (or not) by developer mindset.


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Shaun Forsyth at 19:15 on 10 Feb 2021

Interesting way of looking at what comes first. Would love to start thinking TDD first rather than.. "I just need to ship this code".

David Lumm at 19:27 on 10 Feb 2021

Great little thought experiment! TDD is not a mindset change, but a change of habits. And the answer to which comes first, was not as straight forward as one might think.

Short and sweet, entertaining and thought provoking! Well done!

I think Naomi spoke very well and clearly: I enjoyed the thought process thread going through the talk, but felt uncertain about what the conclusion was. I *think* that it was that all devs design their tests first by virtue of thinking about what it was they wanted to achieve before writing the code to do it, and the step required to move to TDD isn't a huge mindset shift, but simply to express that "test" (i.e. statement of expected outcome) in code, before then moving on to code the code. Thankyou for the talk!

Really enjoyed it. Hard to say something meaningful and original in 7 minutes, but you did both. Tests as documenting thought is a really helpful context and it will stay with me. Likewise programming intent as proto assertion. Well done!