PHP’s latest major release is a truly major release! (And tautologies are tautologies.) With more ease-of-use functionality than you can shake a stick at, PHP 8.0 promises to offer more power in less code than any PHP version to date.
Covering the whole of PHP 8.0's improvements would take a whole book (and has), but we can cover the major features in an hour. Expect code that is easier to write, easier to read, and more flexible than ever before in the web’s premiere server-side language.
If after this talk you aren’t itching to move your code to PHP 8.0, you’re either asleep or not a PHP developer (so why are you here?)


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Shaun Forsyth at 20:07 on 10 Feb 2021

Amazing Talk, Great introduction to what's new in PHP 8.

Great delivery, deep understanding.

Doctrine Annotations but in core (Meta).. this was a little difficult to understand, maybe a better every day use would help.. maybe just me not understanding it.

Thank you

David Lumm at 20:13 on 10 Feb 2021

Great talk! Informative, well paced, entertaining, well polished!

A few features I hadn't heard about, so I'm glad I saw this talk.

My excitement for PHP8 has been increased, so I think you have achieved your objective!

Superb overview and great use cases and illustrations. I share the enthusiasm for constructor promotion as my favourite new feature. Loved the clean code examples with the new possibilities. Will get the book.

Thanks for that - as you said at the top, it was basically an illustrated changelog... so to present that in such an engaging way was no minor feat. I felt the features listed were explained clearly and the examples supported that very well. The one exception was the Attributes stuff, which in part may have been due to me getting The Fear about having to now deal with poor implementations of that in future... but to me the example for Attributes was a little conceptual/abstract. Other than that, however, Larry covered the topic in suitable depth and clarity to immediately make me want to seek out his supporting links. Top stuff.

Dan Ackroyd at 19:18 on 14 Feb 2021

Two suggestions for improvements.

First, as people are looking at the presentation on a screen, there's very little need for a border compared to when they are watching the slides on a projector. Most of the code screens would be easier to read if the code was taking up as much space as possible, rather than having huge borders. I tend to not watch videos sitting down...I'll be standing up and doing exercise, and watching the talk on a TV screen so the bigger the font the better.

Second thing, I think breaking the talk up into different sections, and having tiny breaks between them would give the audience time to process the info (aka I found it difficult to listen to the full list at full speed for the whole time.)

e.g. First, give a list of things you're going to cover, like: 1) new functions 2) Type system changes 3) BC breaks.

Then for each of the sections be really explicit and say "okay, now I'm going to talk about new functions" at the start of that bit, and then at the end of that bit say "okay, that was the new functions in PHP 8", and then take a pause of a few seconds. Having a clear break from talking allows people to 'reset their brain', and makes it easier to follow the talk. Currently each bit flows into each other, which is tiring. Just a few seconds reset makes it easier to avoid fatigue.

Rod Elias at 12:16 on 26 Mar 2021

As always, awesome talk: informative, well paced, entertaining, well explained!
Thank you so much Larry.