The term "Behaviour Driven Development" is commonplace at the (user) story level, but how about at the code specification level? This talk will explain where PhpSpec enters the equation, discuss how it does and doesn't differ to PhpUnit and demonstrate its power to force you to think about the architecture of your code.


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David Lumm at 20:03 on 12 Aug 2020

Some great information, definitely enough to get me interested enough to look into this a little bit more. It was also great to have the demo to see how easy it is to get started with it and see some of the different concepts in one quick run through.

The pace of the opening was a little slow, but I guess it's hard to pitch it right so that everyone is with you by the time you get to the demo.

For the demo, the dark colour scheme in your IDE might not be the clearest for all participants. A light theme might be a little clearer.

Niki Osvalds at 20:05 on 12 Aug 2020

Great talk! Was still very digestible for someone who has a basic understanding of TDD. The example and demo was clear as well. Pace was right on.

Zack Lott at 20:12 on 12 Aug 2020

A lot of information packed into the talk so it will require me another watch to ensure I caught everything but it was enjoyable enough that I would happily relisten to it! The live demo was useful and helped me understand the concept of PhpSpec.

Adam Evans at 20:12 on 12 Aug 2020

Great talk, very well presented with a good flow. I’ve not looked at PHPSpec, certainly interesting possibilities for TDD.

Owen Voke at 21:05 on 12 Aug 2020

This was a really great talk with lots of information. I've used PHPSpec before, but would be interested in having a go with it again.

Liam Hammett at 22:25 on 12 Aug 2020

Great talk with a good introduction to PhpSpec, its philosophy, and how it differs from alternative tools like PHPUnit. The examples were great and it showcased a lot of nice features that are unique to PhpSpec, like how it mocks classes and can generate code for you.

Dan Ackroyd at 10:34 on 15 Aug 2020

One possible improvement - it's okay to put yourself forward as the authority for the topic you're speaking about.

A couple of times you quoted definitions from other people. The talk would be slightly stronger if you just said these on your own authority.