This talk will review design principles of scalable APIS, the role and range of API schemas, the shift to API First approaches and the emergence of API development environments and adjacent tooling for API design, testing, observability and discoverability.


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Jay at 20:17 on 9 Jun 2021

What a bubbly and lovely man!

A very good overview and insider knowledge talk about the future of APIs and the industry as a whole

Great presentation graphics and flow

David Lumm at 20:18 on 9 Jun 2021

A really good broad look over a complex subject. The delivery was great, although there was a bit of hesitation and "umming" during the postman demonstration, but live demos are always hard!

Naomi Gotts at 21:54 on 9 Jun 2021

Thank you for a great talk - really appreciated the historical overview and really good summary of the many words/phrases etc that we come across as devs in day-to-day work but may not necessarily be able to put into context.

I think the tooling examples at the end could have been slightly clearer in their presentation however really good to have a brief overview of the tools!