Looking at our complete standards package at Jump24 and why we use them, using Laravel as an example, detailing the process and the how to use them.


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David Lumm at 20:08 on 13 Oct 2021

A very interesting talk covering a complex subject with lots of different moving parts and lots of opinions. There were a few useful things I haven't heard of and will need to look into a bit more.

Unfortunately my internet and/or zoom sucked so I kept disconnecting, but there was loads of useful stuff, so I'll need to watch this one again and share with my colleagues as we're currently exploring using and enforcing standard across our codebases.

I really appreciate the demo showing examples and showing how combining the tools will prevent you from introducing new problems fixing other ones, but it felt a little long. It's the sort of thing in a youtube demo that you might speed up a little bit and narrate over, which obviously is harder to do in this situation.

I felt like I was on a zoom call with a developer working through issues, which is ok, but I didn't always feel like Chris was necessarily talking to me/us. However during the Q & A at the end, the level of "conversation" went right up, as did the level of useful information (if that was even possible)!