Jenkins is the golden standard in the software industry for Continuous Integration and Delivery

In this talk, we will review the base installation and setup of Jenkins 2 (very quickly)

After that, we will learn what pipelines are, and how do they work their "magic"

We will review how to setup a full basic PHP project, on it, what are the gotchas and pitfalls


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Michael Bush at 20:34 on 8 Nov 2017

Unable to see the information on the slides because the font was too small and I felt the talk was not very polished and presentation needed more work.

Martin Bampton at 20:53 on 8 Nov 2017

Very interesting talk. Lots of information onscreen throughout. Glad to hear it's hosted on git. Interested to investigate for personal use.

Craig Potter at 20:54 on 8 Nov 2017

Very top level, would of been good to see a live demo but good introduction to pipelines and Jenkins 2

Luis Ferro at 11:35 on 9 Nov 2017

Thanks for the feedback.

That indeed makes it worthy to come again to PHPSW, and indeed is an huge plus to come!

I will take into account the feedback (both this and the verbal ones) into future talks.

Adam Evans at 11:57 on 9 Nov 2017

Interesting topic for the talk, I felt that this was more of an overview, so a live working example would have been good to see. I felt that the presentation needed a bit of a polish, but it was good talking points, I will be looking up some stuff from your slides. I was at the front so I could read the writing, but I can see what Michael was saying in terms of font size. Looking forward to the next talk