AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, MySQL, PHP - it’s LAMP but not as you know it. In this session, Ben will show why there has never been a better time to build serverless applications with PHP.
Using this new LAMP stack to build serverless applications allows PHP developers to benefit from the agility and scalability enabled by the serverless paradigm, all without needing to manage servers.

He’ll demo how to get started running your PHP code using functions as a service. You’ll learn how to connect to databases at scale with spiky workloads, and continue to use your favourite libraries and tools, without impacting performance or availability.
Learn how to become a serverless PHP developer, and use the world’s most popular web runtime to build scalable, agile apps without the server management.


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Jay at 20:11 on 14 Apr 2021

Very well spoken and concise while giving a detailed overview of the AWS serverless product.

Only thing I could say as an improvement is to hang around on slides that have complicated info graphics to let people fully digest what is being spoken about 👍

Shaun Forsyth at 20:38 on 14 Apr 2021

Started off as what seemed like a sales talk from AWS, however it did move past that and start to give examples.

Its still a little confusing how to take what is most likley the monolithic projects we are all working on right now, and break into Lambda, however Ben did kinda cover this as taking by trying to break out next bit of work that isn't to large.

Sounds like there are issue's developing with AWS locally, not due to lambda, but due to the other items you are bound to want to use (Aurora for example).

Ben did really well at answering the questions. Very interesting talk to be fair!

David Lumm at 20:41 on 14 Apr 2021

This is something that I've been thinking about/looking at recently, but I've struggled to find a good overview/introduction that gives me enough of a framework to then go off and learn more. This talk provided that overview and just enough information to help me understand how the pieces all fit together. The talk was slick, the graphics were useful and there were plenty of pointers on to further information. I'm looking forward to sharing the recording with other people once it goes up.

Dan Ackroyd at 15:17 on 27 Apr 2021

Nice talk, and nice 'presenting' voice makes it interesting to listen to. Two possible improvements:

i) Talk more about why people should use this, e.g. what are good uses and bad uses cases, and slightly less about technical details. I find it really hard to retain many implementation details from a talk,

ii) Some of the slide should be tweaked to more aggresively use the space available, to make the content easier to read. e.g. the slide "Libraries and dependdencies in your lambda code." has quite a lot of space available, and the contents are kind of squished and hard to read imo.

The second point may tie into the first...that level of technical detail is just really quite hard to take in quickly, so possibly just giving the overview of how it works, and then link to full tutorial (including how to get setup) for people to reference later when they have time to start trying it.