An introduction to Mental Health and the ways in which we can look after our own Mental Health, as well as supporting others.


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Jay at 19:22 on 14 Apr 2021

Great subject and important talk.

Only criticism is maybe to read less from a script - using it as a guide (you know what you've written and you've written it well so don't fret! 😋)

David Lumm at 19:26 on 14 Apr 2021

An important subject that needs to be discussed often, and bringing it into daily conversations is really valuable. Natalie was a little nervous to start, but it was great to see her get a little more comfortable. The slide deck did a great job of augmenting the talk, rather than just being subtitles. I'd love to have heard a few more tips for positive mental health!

Shaun Forsyth at 19:36 on 14 Apr 2021

Great coverage a topic which is often over looked. Great that your understood your audience and added humour.

Every company should be giving this presentation to staff, developers or not.

Dan Ackroyd at 18:20 on 26 Apr 2021

Very important topic that I think needs to be covered more.

Possibly you might have been slightly nervous....which is natural, but one thing to practice is a conversational tone. I personally find standing up while giving talks a lot easier.

Another possible improvement would be more 'action items' for managers who might have staff who are showing some signs of stress or other mental health concern.