In June join us at Desklodge where it is time for the future as we take a look at neural networks and why time zones are still a pain.

Wednesday 13th June 2018

19:10 Build your own Neural Network, with PHP!
Talk by Vítor Brandão (45 minutes)

Curious about all the hype around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? Heard of "Neural Networks" and "Deep Learning" but confused about what it really means? In this talk, you'll see what Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) look like and how they can "learn". And along the way, you'll discover how you can build your own ANN, with PHP of course!

Time Zones and Calendars are a PITA
Talk by Derick Rethans (45 minutes)

Time Zones and Calendars are a PITA. Although they govern how we live and when we do what, handling them programmatically is not an easy feat. In this presentation we will look at how to deal with time zones, and two calendars: natural year, and ISO8601. We will see how it is hard to make assumptions on how they work, and explain how they came into existence. We’ll focus mostly on how to handle them from within PHP, as well as how we (should) store them in databases. We’ll also have a quick look at date manipulation when querying data.