During this presentation, we are going to look at the new features added in PHP 8.0, PHP 8.1, and PHP 8.2. Join me to have a look at how the type system is strengthened with Enumerations and "never", Fibers, a new closure syntax, the First Class Callable Syntax, intersection and disjunctive normal form types, readonly classes, and other smaller features. At the end you will have a good understanding about all the new and exciting features that are new in PHP 8.*.


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Piers Hobson at 09:09 on 12 Jan 2023

Very clear presentation, good slides, enjoyed.

Oliver Lowson at 15:13 on 17 Jan 2023

Great talk, lots of useful info about what's new and what's coming. Thank you

Precise and concise!
Maybe only thing I’d have expected to learn a bit more about was Fibers.