We all know why tests are great. But every once in a while we just wish they’d never been written. One case when test regret occurs is when we want to alter our functionality slightly but in doing so half the test suite goes from green to red.
This talk will investigate why this happens. In particular it looks at the coupling between tests and the code under test. We’ll investigate ways we can reduce this coupling and make out test suites more resilient to change.


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Waseem Brare at 10:47 on 10 Mar 2022

presentation skills:
+ great energy and good projection
+ really enjoyed the confession section to bring a bit of fun and engage audience.
? slowing pace a little more could help deliver an even more impactful presentation

+ clear intro and communication of what you will cover
+ constant reminders of aim of the presentation (and the test case) help to keep audience engaged and following along
+ mix of text (not read out verbatim) helpful diagrams and animations without overcrowding slides
? maybe not always appropriate but perhaps some audience interactions might elevate this talk even more. Rhetorical questions could even serve this purpose

Brilliant talk - entertaining and educational. Relevant for a wide range of experiences 9.5/10