Accessing Web Resources with PHP


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Extremely thorough delve into HTTP from the spec up through sockets/streams and PHP libraries to deal with markup. Slightly dry but that's the nature of the topic

Great talk, we do a lot of web scraping and this is what I would like to see my devs know at the start.

The only suggestion I would make (difficult given time and wifi issues) would be some live demos to see web scraping in action.

Great coverage of a lot to consider for web scraping services.

Nice talk, any one interested in web services should see/hear this first. I have personally used cURL for scraping, but this presentation showed me other methods that I need to read and try implementing.

If its Ok with Matt, I would send a copy of this to a couple of my friends as a reference to start with for writing web services.

Probably the most directly applicable session I've been to. I would have liked to see some demos, but the session was too short for that to work well. Next time make it a three hour tutorial.