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David managed to fit a ton of information into a short period of time, and he did an excellent job summarizing the developer's rationale for decisions made as well as how those decisions can aid in rapid api generation.

Great talk. Really cool product demo. I'm definitely looking forward to playing with FRAPI myself.

David's presentation did a really good job of showing not only the simplicity, but also the flexibility of FRAPI. Integrated testing of a FRAPI-based API is an excellent idea, the demo was as close to perfect as one can hope for. Very well done!

Great presentation even without the disclaimer slide. I will definitely be looking at frapi when I get back to work.

Lots of information about the history and design philosophy of FRAPI, plus what was probably the most successfully executed live-coding demo I've ever seen. David seemed very relaxed too, which helped. Seems like a great tool, thanks for releasing it to the community.