Titanium, a platform that builds on existing open source software such as the WebKit rendering engine, facilitates development of desktop and mobile applications using HTML, CSS, and PHP. From installing the Titanium SDK through packaging applications for distribution and pushing application upgrades to users, this talk will cover everything you need to get started. A basic working knowledge of PHP and JavaScript will be helpful, but no prior knowledge of Adobe’s AIR, Titanium, or similar platforms will be needed.


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Anonymous at 11:38 on 27 May 2011

Excellent presentation! Hopefully next year you won't be expected to do it when everyone is still asleep :D

Good presentation, even though it sounds like I probably won't be using it. Titanium just seems a little convoluted at the moment, even though the idea behind it sounds powerful (to the develoer). Anyone wanting to lock down their source or host their own updates should look elsewhere (for now).

Good intro to Titanium Desktop with example code and example apps. Nothing spectacular here, but as Matthew said, Appcelerator currently not giving it a lot of love.

This was a good presentation with a demo application. The slides included everything from the architecture of TI Desktop to packaging an application - very thorough!

I would have liked to have seen some more slides dedicated to the Titanium API. Also WebKit was mentioned as the rendering engine, so it would be good to follow with some of the HTML5/CSS3 goodies available to potential developers.