Design Patterns


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Anonymous at 13:12 on 24 May 2011

a well orginized discusson on what is, what is not a design pattern and how to implement a catalog of design patterns for PHP.

good presentation. Lets me know that I need to get back to studying computer science!

i would have enjoyed a chance to write some code based on the different design patterns discussed, but otherwise it was a very good source of information.

Great presentation/speaking, content was on-target and up to date.

Great presentation! Informative with some refreshing entertainment. The examples used were easy to follow while illustrating the concept in simple terms. The list of resources was much appreciated.

Learn't a lot about Design Patterns. Information presented was also good. We could just scrape the tip of the iceberg in 2.5 hrs, if this presentation is followed by another which cover may be a few hand picked patterns in further detail would be more helpful and informative.

Both the books recommended by Jason (Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software & Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture), seems to be worth reading for any programmer aiming towards a Designing or Architectural position

Great presentation. I've done the book and internet thing on design patterns, but the talk was great and really helped put it into easily understandable terms.

Good presentation to give an introduction on several different design patterns. Definitely gave me more information on some patterns that I have toyed with and the desire to explore them more deeply.

For a long block, I would have hoped for more in-depth details about different design patterns, but overall the talk was a good introduction.

Great insight and comments regarding patterns. Turns out we're using them and didn't even realize it.