Drupal as an Application Development Platform


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Good introduction speech, nice example of using the drupal. I was interested why developers do not like to use drupal and I got It ;-) . Thank you!

Good overview of what is possible with Drupal for application development, along with interesting examples. I've been doing Drupal app dev for almost a week now, and feeling rather overwhelmed, and was most interested in the differences between D6 and D7, as we're using D6 for reasons not worth going into here. :)

I think maybe I was expecting something more indepth, but having watched *hours* of video tutorials, I can readily understand why this might be challenging in 50 minutes.


It was nice to hear some examples of what others have been doing with Drupal. We have been using drupal for quite a few client sites, but haven't done any dev on top of it yet. It's nice to hear that it's fairly easy to get something up and running!