Frontend Caching — The New Frontier


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Helgi is a very smooth, natural presenter. The information provided is helpful and I look forward to taking the time to think about ways i can implement the points he provided in his presentation in my current and future projects. He covered various techniques and pitfalls of those technigues for speeding up the UI of web delivered interfaces.

Talk ran a bit long (but worth staying for) - a great presentation with tons of tips and examples. This presentation is a must-see for anyone looking to make their site faster.

Good info, but it went over by more than 25 minutes

Lots of info to get through in 1 hour, and this would be a great intro to frontend optimization. Lots of places to start looking if you're not already. Thanks!

Good info - alot of people forget to test things out in the same way that their customers will be using it. Talk did run long, but good info