Mobile Apps with PHP: From Flex to jQuery Mobile


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Ryan's passion for mobile development comes through during his presentation. He is very engaging and easy going. Ryan provided a decent overview of what one should consider when developing UI's for mobile devices. Ryan also included live examples of a PHP | Flex Mobile project for both the server and client side. It is an interesting concept of developing for the desktop and multipule mobile devices within the same IDE/project using base code.

Overall, I enjoyed the presenation and the material. I would have liked the discussion to have been more focused on the php services but it did help me see areas of development I have had little experince in to-date.

Great examples. It was very good to present multiple solutions. I liked the pace.

Ryan is very clearly knowledgeable in this domain and communicates it well. Kudos for instant response to annoying audience feedback :)

Informative talk. Speaker spoke very quickly. The Flex demo was a bit disconnected for me. Maybe something that takes an existing site and shows how to re-create it for mobile would be more engaging.

Great examples of using Flex Builder, jQuery Mobile and Phone Gap to develop both mobile versions of a website and a native mobile app. The code demo was a bit jumpy and the code area on the screen was a bit small.

Apologies for the kind of sporadic nature of the coding demos. That definitely didn't flow as well as I was hoping. So thanks for putting up with it and the hiccups. And thanks very much for the feedback everyone.

Although I'm not a fan of flex and multi platform apps, I did enjoy this talk. Both the pros and cons were mentioned and it wasn't presented as the 'one solution to rule them all'. Well balanced.

Ryan's enthusiasm in this presentation definitely kept my interest. It was unfortunate the Flex Builder demo had issues, but hey that's what screencasts are made for.

I don't use flex at all so that part of the conference was of little direct interest, but Ryan did a good job keeping things interesting. He did bring up good generic information as well and wasn't presented as "you need to do it this way"

Good pacing and a very fair and balanced evaluation of the different options available. Was informative and I picked up a few new things I did not know about before.

Haven't done much with flex - but nice to have an idea of how it can be used.