Mobile for PHP Developers


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Great overview of a lot of resources a developer should be concerned with when targeting mobile. 75% of this talk could have been given to a developer that doesn't know PHP and it would have still been worthwhile.

I did feel you spent too much time on the "Signed URLs" portion. A shared secret is a pretty basic security concept that many people have probably seen before if they know how to prevent CSRF. I would suggest removing the advocating for adding a timestamp to the secret because it is very common for server/client to have out of sync clocks. Not to mention added latency for unreliable cell networks. Yes, like you said, you could compensate for drifting clocks, but I don't think the logic to compare them adds equal benefit.

Very good presentation, and a great primer for dealing with mobile applications as a PHP developer (and web developer in general). Ivo was very well prepared and you could tell he put a lot of thought and work into it. His examples were great, and had a lot of them.

I'll agree with johnkary, probably less time can be spent more on signed urls, and perhaps more on demoing some of the different testing methods. But overall, very worth while, and Ivo definitely knew his stuff.

Great pacing. Each section seemed to flow naturally into the next. The demos worked great and Ivo was very well prepared. The content covered a broad range of what mobile development is.

I disagree slightly with johnkary with regards to shortening the "Signed URLs" portion. Having listened to Ivo talk for an hour just about security, I think he stayed fairly high level on this. Also, clock skew is a tough issue, but I think preventing replay attacks is crucial for an API that's not using https. Perhaps there's a better implementation?

Lots of food for thought. Time spent on device differences, native vs mobile web application and wurfl was especially appreciated. The demos were good.

Great overview of all the things you need to take into consideration when targeting mobile. Good balance of just enough information to get you headed in the right direction without going too deeply in to each part.

Very well done! I agree with Trevor, great balance of information to depth.

This was a very good presentation! Good examples using Zend Framework layouts, also good explanation of meta tags for mobile platforms. Great for anyone making the transition into mobile development with PHP.