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Excellent talk that kept to basics and high points with appropriate accentuation, didn't go too in-depth, and was jam-packed with links to resources. Awesome.

Great session Elizabeth. Are the slides up?

During this talk, discovered that a new server I put up last month had neither APC nor mysql query caching enabled. Yikes!

Good overview of what stupid things not to do in your code, and good programming habits, as well as of what environmental things affect your PHP code more than the code itself. Impressed by Elizabeth's comprehensive knowledge.

Nice overview. Lots of good information. Well presented.

Tons of info to cover in the time slot. Good order for info going from low hanging fruit that everyone can tune, all the way to the high-level infrastructure. Great!

Anonymous at 18:01 on 26 May 2011

Wasn't there but the slides are great and jam-packed with resources that I'll surely look into.

Talk about cramming a ton of information into a one hour session. Lots of tools, concepts, and best practices discussed. Great presentation and would probably work better as a tutorial with demos.

Lots of useful information