Pragmatic Guide to Git


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Good intro to git.

Obviously quite knowledgeable about GIT. I was hoping for an even more basic intro to source code management - Travis assumed we were already familiar with the concept (maybe most folks in the room already are).

But, the talk was a good brain jogger and we'll be following up with some of the resources that were mentioned.

Good intro (again) for a dinosaur stuck in svn. I need to jump into the pool and get a github account and just start using. Prob should grab Travis' book as well

Good introduction to Git. Explained things well and also mentioned a few common hangups when going from svn to git. Looking forward to his advanced git talk tomorrow.

Really good introduction. what about more advanced stuff and real word problems such as integration with SVN, how to replace svn externals, etc. Hope you will cover this in your next talk. Thanks!

Great introduction to the basics of Git. I wish there would have been more time so that you could have made it through the "advanced beginner" stuff regarding branches/merging/etc. I use Git a little in my daily work, but have barely scratched the surface.

I learned more about the basics in this, and would like to see a longer tutorial on beginning/intermediate Git in the future.

Great introduction.

Good intro to git. Explained a few things about why it would still be useful in a corporate (private) setting