Profiling PHP Applications


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very helpful information on how to figure out real ways to optimize your php application on a given platform.

Good overview of the process, particularly liked that it included a range of different methods and tools for profiling an app.

Nice overview of xdebug. Picked up a couple tools I never heard of before.

A great primer on the different tools and methods for profile PHP applications. The demos were easy to understand and very relevant. I learned about a few new tools I hadn't used before, and one tool which helped me track down a configuration bug during the presentation, which I was able to fix on the spot, so thanks Derick. :)

I know the session times don't really allow it but a live demo would kick ass. Profile an instance of WordPress or something.

Was very informative. I didn't know about a few of the tools used.

This session introduced a couple of profiling scripts that I have not used. It also helped me to better understand and navigate the logs of tools like Xdebug and XHProf, which makes them more accessible. A LOT of info in a short period of time, but presented in reasonable depth and with demos. Thank you for presenting!