Real-time Communications on the Web


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Great talk! I enjoyed your humor, and the interactive demonstrations (especially the demonstration of websockets vs. long polling vs. short polling performance). This was a nicely informative talk, even though it did have a little overlap with the HTML5 WebSockets talk that you gave. I appreciated the example implementations for each approach, although rolling in information on browser / server support to the slide set would have been helpful (for both talks). Thanks!

Very informative talk. This isn't an area I had a lot of experience with before the talk but I feel like I received a good overview. I felt it could have even gone a little longer. Good use of humor as well.

Great talk; covered short and long polling and the pains of each and then WebSockets and how they solve the problems of polling. Funny, had demos, and examples of using each. Ran short and could've covered browser compatibility but someone asked and he answered.

Anonymous at 22:01 on 27 May 2011

Thanks for the pirate ship examples; those made the differences very clear. They stuck in my mind much better than the Snoop-Dogg demonstration. And I wouldn't suggest completely deferring microphone use; just when you do have a microphone, project to the back row like you don't.

Nice touch with the live demonstration, good talk. Plus, the power stayed on for the entire talk!