The Last Authentication System You Will Ever Write


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Loved the presentation. Great slides, good flow, and LIVE DEMO? wtf?!? Home run. Some more presenters could take some tips/notes from you, dude.

Anonymous at 14:58 on 26 May 2011

You did very well. You covered a lot of ground in 50 minutes. Everything was to the point and on topic. I can take what you presented an apply it. Well done

This was a fantastic talk, gave a very nice broad overview about the technologies and why we'd want to do this. The live demo was superb it had just enough to give a foundation to build off.

Worth listening to, made me want to reconsider using third party auth. Great idea of using Google OpenID provider when combined with Google Apps for Education. Looking forward to OAuth 2.0 getting finalized.

Thumbs up. This has been one of the many things on my list to investigate - and your presentation was a great start and will get me in the right direction.