Write A Better FM


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Great exploration of what works and what just pisses people off. Very helpful and witty at the same time. :)

Great presentation

Excellent strong points on attitudes toward documentation and how to write it well, great visuals and practical examples, very entertaining. Many people need to see this presentation.

Excellent presentation, and great points.

Will be reviewing many of the points from the presentation while trying to improve current documentation. Lots of things you don't think about as a documentation writer.

This is an excellent talk on doing documentation and support - the best way to approach things, mistakes that are made, how to figure out how to give your clients/users the best experience - and is relevant for anyone producing and supporting software, from open source applications to intranet systems, commercial or otherwise.

Great talk on what to do (and not do), complete with examples from assorted project documents. I agree that php.net is one of the best doc sites, thanks to the community!