Writing and Using PHP Streams and Sockets


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This talk covered a lot of ground, Elizabeth was able to cover this material at a comfortable pace as a tutorial. Fun tricky corner of PHP with lots of goodies to look at. Code was good, more references to real world implementations better. Audience participation was minimal, perhaps an absence of coffee near the door + first morning issues.

Just enough to blow my mind, but not so much that it's ruined ;)

This tutorial session was excellent. The content was detailed enough to give a good understanding of how, and more importantly why, to use sockets, streams and filters. The code examples were short and clean. They were easy to follow and read.

This was very informative, some of the material was new and gave me enough information about stream, sockets, and filters where I can put some use.

Excellent presentation on the ins, outs, and pitfalls of streams, filters, and sockets. Pop quiz slides to aid retention were great. Ran a bit short, would have liked to see more examples of how streams are used in the wild.

This presentation was a great extension of Elizabeth Marie Smith's "Streams, Sockets and Filters – Oh My" session given last year at Tek.

Great intro to streams and sockets, and I really enjoyed learning more about filters.

She's very engaging and the information was great. enjoyed the code samples we were asked to write.

Learned quite a bit in this one! Buckets? Who knew?

Like! A good tutorial, lots of energy and good content. I wasn't too charmed of the break videos though. Perhaps it would be good to have the audience show their worked out code-examples though.

Good information, need to start rewriting some of my code to use streams now. Entertaining speaker as well. Not sure the coverage was balanced between streams/filters/sockets, but some are more broadly useful than others.

Really liked the talk, made me rethink some of our code to potentially speed up and how we do things