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This has to be my favorite session at Tek11 - live code demos, well organized slides, great presentation skills, and Derick kept the audience engaged throughout the presentation.

Very well prepared and Derick obviously knows the subject matter inside out.

Great presentation!

Great talk!
I enjoyed this - I felt personally validated because I've struggled with NetBeans trying to make it play nice with Xdebug and it was good to hear that it's a difficult process.

My colleague installed Xdebug last night during the Hackathon and by using profiling was able to cut the loading time of our homepage by 80%. Thanks so much!

Great session. Covered xdebug's ins and outs and gave enough information to get someone who has never used xdebug interested and going. Great use of demos.

Great talk... Installing Xdebug and webgrind on my dev server now...