Alice & Bob: Public Key Cryptography 101


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Excellent summary of how RSA encryption works.

Great content, presented in a very straightforward and accessible way, learned a ton.

This was a great overview (without too much math!) on public key cryptography. Well presented with simple to understand examples. I'd love to see a talk about this topic along with some php code / examples as a future presentation.

Maybe the best talk of the whole conference! Entertaining, despite a very technical topic. Public private key encryption was finally explained from the absolute ground up - my knowledge increased tremendously!

Great overview of cryptography and public key encryption specifically. Great job.

Was great to see coverage of signing messages with private keys. Other's comments are spot on. I look forward to hearing Joshua speak again.

He explained the basics of cryptography is a very easy to understand manner. His match examples were easy to follow, and it was a bit refreshing having a theory talk instead of a talk just about different algorithms you can use.

Fantastic example of Cryptography and how it works in simplistic terms. I loved the mathematical examples to show how both encryption and decryption work. I had an idea of it, but seeing it right there in front of me was really cool.

Everyone knows they need to use encryption, and most people do, without understanding what is going on behind the scenes. EXCELLENT JOB!