Amazon SimpleDB


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I enjoyed the simple nature of simple db. Eli did a great job of explaining the system, use cases, pros and cons. His talk inspired people to ask many questions, which makes for a better talk in my opinion.

I like Eli's care free nature and ability to talk in front of people easily. Something I strive for in myself.

Excellent summary of the basics of SimpleDB. We got a little bogged down with questions from the crowd, but that just shows how interested the crowd was with what was being presented.

Very informative. Eli was great at answering questions and was very knowledgeable on the topic.

Interesting stuff. Eli was very well-informed, and answered questions easily

Good stuff. You may want to consider enforcing some sort of "hold questions to the end" policy. Many of the questions people asked early into the presentation seemed to be answered later on.

Nonetheless, great talk. I really enjoyed it.

Great talk, and nice coverage of the topic. Another tool added to my arsenal