Blazing Data with REDIS


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Informative introduction. Super awesome slides, and it was cool to see the real-time demo at the end.

Very good presentation, I really enjoyed the theme of the slideshow. Justin was personable and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend his presentation.

Much props! Loved the enthusiastic presentation, and then so much more for putting in the extra effort for top-notch slides, non-gratuitous geek jokes & (working) live demo available on GitHub!

The demo was really impressive, I have used Redis in production and it is really that easy to get going

Good presentation, and as Chris Hartjes said, the demo really sells the performance aspects of Redis.

I've played with redis a bit, and Justin's talk certainly confirmed that I should be using it far more often. Thanks, Justin!

Excellent introduction to Redis, lots of practical information and a good demo. Very nicely designed slides as well.

A lot of good information presented in a really good way. The demo was very impressive. The only thing I would add would be a quick comparison with other NoSQL systems to explain when to use Redis and when not to.

Great demo, entertaining slides, and great energy. Definitely will use the information and the demonstration as a starting point to investigate any needs we might have as an intermediary layer to our db.

Great presentation. I'm really interested in using Redis for a few use cases. The demo is really amazing. The slide pictures flowed with the presentation very well. I agree with what another attendee said, give me best use cases for using Redis/NoSQL early in the presentation.

Was a good introduction for someone unfamiliar with Redis, but as someone who worked with it I was kind of hoping for something more, but then again perhaps there really isn't that much more about Redis?

This was a great talk; the slides were lovely, engaging and relevant and the speaker was very animated and passionate about his topic. Coming in as I did not knowing much of anything about NoSQL solutions I found this talk very informative and very enjoyable.

Anonymous at 15:43 on 24 May 2012

A good presentation, I learned enough to know that I don't need Redis right now. =)

Justin did a great job getting me excited about Redis... now I just need a reason to use it!

This was a great presentation and very informative. It's definitely one of my favorites of the conference. The demo was awesome.

I really like the LEGO theme and the Real-time demo showing the great power of Redis even on inexpensive, easy to obtain hardware.

Justin opened my eyes to Redis and was very clear on why and how to use it. He gave appropriate examples. I may have to go and have a look at Redis after seeing the power and hearing about the successes that have been achieved with it.

Excellent presentation, loved the use of Lego blocks and photos to maintain the energy of the presentation. Great information packaged up in easy to understand style.