Building a Firehose


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Ian Barber is even better when the power system works for the whole hour! Yeah!

Excellent all around, to me. Very knowledgeable, good eye contact with audience; engaged everyone in the room. Kept a good pace from beginning to end. Excellent use of examples to illustrate whatever point he was making, on every slide. Great slides; very readable, communicated message well.

Always enjoying Ian's talks. Again he managed to take complex architecturial concepts and breaks them down into easy to understand pieces.

I loved this presentation. It was packaged really well to make it easy to understand and the style presented really provided a lot of fuel for brainstorming and idea generation.

The way you outlined the patterns in steps and built upon them was fantastic and really made it easy to digest and build upon. I will second everything said by Clark as well.

I went into this presentation not really understanding too much what it would be about but wasn't sure which slot to choose for the hour. It ended up being my favorite presentation of the entire show, thank you very much!