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Great talk! Beth is always awesome!

I really appreciated how clear the details and examples are.

Based on the title and description, I expected more in-depth discussion of the CI part of the CI stack, rather than an overview of code standards, build tools, etc. Otherwise, the presentation was very clear and detailed.

Anonymous at 16:00 on 24 May 2012

You know what you are talking about, and it comes through in your confidence during your presentation. Nice job.

I find it great.

I would like to see tools in actions.
Maybe not real action but image of them.

Few interesting fact could be interesting like how much time does it take to set up, how much time take each task...

I learn few tips thanks !

Nice talk Beth. I liked the way you pull the audience into participation, it worked well. Perhaps add a brief list of each tool that fits the categories you were discussing. (It was pretty high level with little drill-in.) Other than that it was great!