Clojure for PHP Developers


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Nice intro to Clojure. Appreciate the comparison bits of PHP code and how you would implement it in Clojure. Would love to see this as a tutorial, to help super-newbs like me get up to speed

This was great. I especially liked the PHP and Clojure side-by-side, as well as the steps to converting from one to the other. I would suggest adding a slide toward the beginning that quickly explains the LISP paradigm for people who aren't familiar with it. Also, the concurrency examples may benefit from a one-line explanation on screen of what each function does.

Interesting seeing the "metamorphosis" of PHP code to Clojure. A lot of things over my head, but definitely a good introduction and some good direction for more learning.

The talk started quite well, but the pace was quite quick and I found it increasingly difficult to keep up. I found that by the end of it I was quite confused and had no idea what was going on in the code being presented. I think this was just too much info to try to cram into 1 hour.

Despite the difficult pace, Ian did give me a good idea of what types of things Clojure would be suited for. I also liked the "progressive" transformation of PHP concepts to Clojure. I'm sure if I looked over the slides a few more times it would start to make more sense to me and Ian's approach would really benefit someone coming from the PHP world to get started in Clojure.

Sorry to be a parrot, but I agree. Great comparison from PHP to Clojure, and toward the end my eyes started to glaze over. The speaker "knows" the subject, and it was very interesting.