Cranking Nginx Up to 11


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Good talk. Speaker was knowledgeable. Would have liked to see more about usages of Nginx. Especially when the audience asked for this at the beginning of the talk.

This was a very informative talk for me as someone who has not worked with nginx yet. I think a little too much time was spent on the ssl portion, but I thought it was worth it, and I imagine security could be an entire presentation in itself. Great variety of config examples and well laid-out slides.

I'm completely new to nginx and you've sold me on the idea of trying it. A great presentation. Thanks.

Really enjoyed seeing all the nginx examples and SSL discussion

Good mix of introduction and deeper tips and tricks, at least for me. I thought the topics Helgi covered were pertinent to most of the audiences needs. He showed alternatives between good and better config settings. A suggestion I have is to always indicate on the "okay, but not great" approach slides that a better approach (usually on the next slide) exists. He did this on some slides, but not all. A great presentation.

A really good how-to for using Nginx. It was great to see the "this is good, but this is better" type examples. Great for those of us who only thought of it as a web server.

Good talk, I've been using Nginx for a while and picked up some good ideas.
Particularly the proxy / SSL section.