Creating a High Quality App Using PHP Components from Around Our World


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Ryan did a good job with what he was trying to achieve. My only complaint is that I think all talks should be labeled with the level of programmer is being targeted. For the most part, this talk was aimed towards beginning level programmers. There was a little too much time spent getting things working on individuals laptops.

I did get a couple of nuggets of information which made the talk overall worth it.

I feel that Ryan just needed to make it more clear that what he was doing was for example purposes only. The fact that you could pick and choose parts of frameworks was clever, and how to intertwine them was interesting.

This was an excellent beginner's-level hands-on workshop on how one can use PSR-0 compatible framework components to write an application, enhanced by the (contrived) example of picking and using together components from Symfony, Lithium, Pimple, and Zend Framework.

While the workshop's content was good, execution could have been better. There was significant dead time while Ryan was assisting attendees with problems they were having, and as a result, Ryan didn't get through all of his intended material. This sort of workshop could benefit well from an assistant who can help the presenter with personalized assistance. Also, if you didn't bring a laptop (with the capability to run apache, php, etc), there wasn't a whole lot for you to do/see without peering over someone else's shoulder.

I found the talk very interesting. I had not considered the possibility of mixing and matching framework components in the past. I found the presenter very helpful, making sure no one was left behind. A very good, hands on experience.