Creating an HTML5 Site That Doesn't Suck


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Some interesting examples and demos, slides were very well done.

The flow of the presentation seemed to bounce around from time to time between commentary and presentation, but very good at engaging the audience and answering questions.

Lots of "ums" ;)

Made me itching to get in the design seat. I'll be working more heavily on HTML5 (et al.) in the near future, and this gave me a lot of great insight and ideas to take forward.

I think the worst part was timing, as I had already attended the all-day tutorial on HTML5 (et al.) and another session on similar topics, so for me there was a lot of overlap in the actual code samples. However, the code wasn't the point of the talk, the concepts of when, where, why and how were the key points and ideas behid this talk. And none of the other sessions hit on those aspects.

Plus, Doctor Who!!!!

I'm given to understand that this was Kevin's first conference talk. He got over his earlu nerves and warmed up as the talk proceeded. I think it was a good mix of theory on design, bit o' history, and short code examples for an embedded software, backend PHP developer like myself.

Good to see the new features of HTML5 presented alongside a history of "new shiny" on the web and how those features have been used in good and bad ways. I would like to have seen information on even more of the new HTML5 features that affect front-end design, like form types. Took Kevin a little while to warm up, but that was understandable.