Decoupled Library Packages for PHP 5.4


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Another great talk! Not sure I entirely buy in to every point, but it was well-presented with plenty of great examples. Aura looks interesting.

Another excellent and energetic talk by Paul. Will definitely have to take a look at Aura.

Also: Bonus points for repeating questions that may not have been heard fully by the audience!

Great talk! Aura looks cool - it strikes me as an object lesson for exposing how you end up introducing dependencies into code without even really thinking about it or considering the underlying design.

I agree with John, bonus points for repeating questions for everyone to hear.

Good code is hard to write, Paul explained why it is worth it

Really great explanation of the whys and hows of decoupling and dependency injection, backed up by very solid examples from Aura. Presented in a very clear and energetic manner.

What other commenters have said. Giving some history provided context. Good examples Don't forget Paul's great book recommendation: "Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code," by Martin Fowler. I like his taking questions during his talks.

Super speaker !

Cristal clear information and fun time !

It s the second time i heard about Aura, we should give a try.

It PHP 5.4, really interesting to improuve knowleage about it.

Paul is a very clear, energetic speaker, and covered his topic really well. I was able to follow along with his thought process and picked up quite a few examples on how to have better decoupled packages.

But the real winner is that at the end, I did have a more in-depth question, and at the hack-a-thon Paul spent a solid 45 minutes with me walking through some of the more advanced methods of Dependency Injection and when to use things like Factories and Builders. I'd give this talk and presenter a 6 if I could. Talk about going the extra mile. :)

Very good speaker and very interesting topic.