Developer Testing 201: When to Mock and When to Integrate


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Great tutorial! I really learned a lot.

LB is a very friendly and approachable presenter, and really knows her stuff!

Lots of good information here, I'd recommend it to all the engineers at our company.

Very good talk. Unfortunately, I got a work call in the middle and missed a good chunk, then had trouble catching back up. Thanks for making the code available so I can go back and educate myself. Well done.

Loads of great tips and ideas to integrate into our testing, got lots from this!

This was a very good topic and Laura did a good job talking about the different types of tests.

One issue I had with the talk was it seemed like we were just looking at code and Laura just went down the code, line by line. Not sure that was really needed as we all know how to read the code. Maybe next time simply putting the code out on github so we can look at it ourselves and just a general overview of the code would have worked out better, plus it would have given us more time to really explain when to mock and when integrate.