HTML5 and CSS3 offer some great features that everyone is clamoring to use. However, not everyone can simply rip apart their site and redo all of their markup and styling across the board. There are some quick wins, especially with CSS3, to be had that you can integrate into your site without rewriting your whole entire site.


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Excellent intro to HTML5 and CSS3. Great understanding of when to migrate and when not to. Seemed very knowledgeable about the hows and they whys. The only criticism/helpful advice I could offer would be to inject a little more humor to get the audience more involved.

Very good speaker. Knowledgable and hit upon a lot of the little bumps in delving into html 5 and css3

Brian is another one of those extremely knowledgeable people who you shouldn't miss speaking, no matter what the topic may be. This talk had just the right amount of detail.